Disney Bound

So as with a little faith, trust, and pixie dust I will mom my way through this experience and make this the BEST vacation EVER!


So as a prepping exercise (yes I guess I will exercise and not cry about it this time) I am starting a blog to track my experience planning, preparing for, and going on my family trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. First I would like to say in no way am I a veteran Disney goer, in fact this will be our FIRST trip to Disney World EVER. Yes you all can be beyond surprised, and YES please give pointers in the comments because this is all new to me really.

So I guess a little about us as a family, me as a person, and what ever else makes it into this post. My family consists of my room mates Michael and Becca and our tiny human. We raise him together as a family. Becca and I both work for a very well known retailer. Growing up in the ’90’s I consider myself lucky because I got to experience first hand the joy and wonder of “new age” Disney animation. I remember seeing The Lion King for the first time and crying for Simba after he lost his father. I remember falling in love with Beast as Belle did on screen. I remember being scared for Buzz and Woody after they got lost. I remember discovering that not ALL monsters are scary. All of these emotions and lessons were given to me by Disney. Darkwing Duck was my Saturday morning hero. I remember my dad (the plane mechanic) singing the theme song from Tailspin to me in the car. Disney was a major part on my childhood and it continues to be in my life as the Tiny Human grows and falls in love with the wonder and excitement that is Disney. These feelings are why we are planning this trip. 

Well that and because Michael wasn’t paying attention and just said “Ya dude we will go.” before he knew what he was saying ok to.

Now for a quick overview of whats to come.

I do work a 40 plus hour job so I will most likely only post about once a week just because well I have to sleep some time right?

I will be doing short lists (and some long ones ) of what I learn and gather on this journey.

I plan to do this on a very small budget. So I hope to find some money saving tips that I can pass along.

We are planning for January because it is a slow time AND it is COOL.

I also plan to do tutorials on things like DIY T shirts and DIY mouse ears. Bare with me on them because I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination.

So as with a little faith, trust, and pixie dust I will mom my way through this experience and make this the BEST vacation EVER!